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Bangkok Bootcamp: Fitness Training in West Midtown Atlanta and Gwinnett Locations - Have Fun in a Friendly Atmosphere - Get Confident - Get in Shape!

Our Bangkok Bootcamp Group Workout is a unique mixture of cardio and resistance training that will help you lose weight, tone muscle and improve your coordination. Utilizing sports training and martial arts exercises, Bangkok Bootcamp classes will help you achieve your fitness goals quickly and efficiently.

Our classes incorporate circuit and high-intensity interval training to shock your body into new growth. We utilize agility ladders, resistance bungees, kettlebells, medicine balls, plyo boxes, bosu balls, and many other types of sports equipment to create a fun and interactive class. 

With a variety of partner and individual exercises, Bangkok Bootcamp’s Group Training Class is a great way to mix up your workout routine giving you a great cardio workout that will burn fat, lose weight and tone your muscles, helping you to achieve the results you want much quicker than traditional workouts.


  • Get a cardio workout unlike any other!

  • Learn to use new equipment and exercises

  • Push yourself further than you ever thought you could go

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