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Voted Best Fitness Thai Kickboxing in Atlanta! Classes in West Midtown Atlanta and Duluth - Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced - Have Fun & Get in Shape! Learn Self Defense & Gain Confidence

Only at Bangkok Boxing Fitness can you train with international champion and renowned expert, Khunpon Dechkampu, who has dedicated his life to the psychology and training disciplines that will build your physical confidence and mental strength while having fun in an environment traditional gyms do not offer. 

Do you wish to improve your physical stature? Kickboxing Classes and Training burn fat and tone up muscle groups that lifting weights cannot. Take advantage of our free offer and stop the cycle of excuses, step into a fun exercise experience that’s going to excite your endorphins! 

Fitness Kickboxing Training is a high-energy workout that is beginner friendly but constantly varied, keeping you interested, motivated and challenged. We welcome all levels and have classes for everyone, please click here to see our current schedule. 

Incorporate all “8 limbs” to stretch and use muscles you never knew you had, you will burn between 700-1035 calories. We offer kickboxing classes at our Midtown / Atlanta or Gwinnett / Duluth locations.

Kickboxing Fitness strikes the perfect balance between technical instruction, combination work, interval training and body conditioning. Push your limits, develop confidence and tone your body with the help of our expert instructors. Click here to learn about Bangkok Boxing Kickboxing Trainers.


  • Stimulate your mind and body with new exercises

  • Release stress through striking the heavy bag

  • Tone your upper and lower body through full body conditioning drills

  • Learn self-defense

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