Ajarn Khunpon

Internationally recognized as one of the world’s top Muay Thai talents, Khunpon first began honing his skills as the eight-year-old prodigal son of a family whose heritage lay deeply intertwined with that of Muay Thai. Winning his first fight at age nine by way of knockout in the third round, his development as a fighter continued at the gym where it began at home with a trainer known nationally for molding over ten champions and known locally as a father that inspired perfection. In time, potential gave way to mastery and sacrifice yielded to success as his prolific fighting career continued. Within ten years of his first entrance into to the ring, Khunpon had become one of the most well-known boxers in Bangkok and became the first of many superstars of the highly touted Kaewsamrit boxing stable.

After capturing numerous national titles and dominating the competition in multiple weight classes at both Rajadamnern and Lumpinee Stadium during his teenage years, Khunpon then went on to capture his first of four world titles at age twenty one. A reputation defined by skill and punctuated with success has given him the opportunity to train, compete, and teach internationally. With over 200 fights to his name, Khunpon is now the head instructor and owner of Bangkok Boxing, Atlanta’s premier Fitness and Martial Arts gym.

Whether the nature of your goals lies in fitness or martial arts, Khunpon has provided the perfect means to achieve them through Bangkok Boxing. He has personally tailored the classes to be a collection of his most effective training techniques. Unique in instruction and beneficial to all, his classes welcome everyone from the fitness enthusiast, the beginner student and all the way up to the seasoned veteran. For more information on becoming a part of Team Khunpon, stop by Bangkok Boxing Fitness conveniently located in the Duluth, Gwinnett area and Midtown, Atlanta.

1990-1995 Thai Air Force


  • 2017 Muay Thai Ambassador of the Year from Sport Authority of Thailand

  • 2005 WKA North American Champion (154)

  • 2005 ISKA North American Champion (154)

  • 1997 IKF World Champion, USA (147)

  • 1996 WMTC World Champion, AUSTRALIA (154)

  • 1996 IMTC World Champion, CHINA (147)

  • 1996 K-1 Champion, AUSTRALIA (147)

  • 1993 World Champion, JAPAN (140)

  • 1992 Olympic Boxing Trials Runner-Up for Thailand

  • 1991 Ranked Number 4 at Lumpiniee Stadium Junior Lightweight and Number 2 at RAJADUMNERN Stadium Junior Lightweight

  • 1990 Ranked Number 6 Lumpiniee Stadium Junior Lightweight

  • 1990 Ranked Number 4 RAJADUMNERN Stadium Junior Lightweight

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