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Muay Thai Fitness Classes in West Midtown Atlanta and Gwinnett Locations - Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Training: Get Confident - Get in Shape! 

If you want to learn true Muay Thai, Bangkok Boxing is where you train with the best. This is the only program in the Southeast designed and personally taught by Headmaster and International superstar Khunpon Dechkampu.

Known as “the science of eight limbs” for its use of fists, knees, legs, and elbows, Muay Thai training is a comprehensive, full body workout that will have you feeling muscle groups you’ve never felt before. Learn the correct way to throw a Muay Thai round kick, one of the most efficient and powerful striking techniques from around the world.

Our Muay Thai classes will teach you the correct technique through methods and drills straight from Thailand.


  • Increase you’re all around conditioning

  • Learn self-defense

  • Develop full body muscular coordination

  • Release stress and change body composition

Muay Thai Training Levels

  • Beginner - focus on fundamentals such as punches, kicks, knees, and elbows.

  • Intermediate - moving forward to better self defense and higher fitness levels, towards an advanced competition level degree of fitness

  • Advanced - focusing on developing fight fitness and ring skills.

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Classes in West Midtown Atlanta and Gwinnett, Duluth Locations - Have Fun! Gain Confidence, Discipline, Respect & Courage - First Class Free

Punching and kicking is the smallest aspect within the art of Muay Thai; Discipline, respect, humility and courage are the most important lessons that every Muay Thai practitioner must learn. Traditionally, Muay Thai instruction begins at an early age in order to help children develop into a person of integrity and inner strength. We’ve developed a kids program that captures the true spirit of the art.

Watch your child develop their physical abilities, fitness, and mental focus while making new friends and having fun learning exciting new skills. They will learn competence, and gain confidence.

Our instructors know how to keep children involved and excited about the martial arts. By instilling discipline and pride, we can even help out if you’re having behavioral problems with your child at home.

We want every child to be able to learn all of the lessons that Muay Thai can teach. Kids Muay Thai Classes can be scheduled at either of our Atlanta locations in Midtown or Gwinnett.


  • Increase your child’s focus and confidence

  • Give them a productive outlet for their energy

  • Helps your child explore their own limits

  • Teaches them new movement pathways

  • Learn self-defense

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